Development Screening

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Development milestones are general guidelines. Children grow at different rates. There is a range in what is considered normal development. But looking at milestones can help identify potential problems early.

It is the process of reviewing an infant’s current development using a standardized tool.

Development Screening provides a quick check of your child’s development. It can be thought of a snapshot of your child’s motor, cognitive, language & socio-emotional skills. Screening will help you determine if your child is meeting appropriate milestones for their age.

The goal of screening is to identify as early as possible, developmental disabilities in children at high risk so that a treatment or remediation can be initiated at an early age where it is most effective.

The screenings are made up of checklist and questionnaire for parents. They include questions about their child’s language, movement, thinking, behavior & emotions.

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Development Screening Test (DST)

DST is used for measuring mental development of a child in terms of neurological & integrative behavioral implications, language & personal and social behaviors items. It comprises 88 behavioral items presented at appropriate age levels. It is used to assess the development level of a child.   


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Developmental screening is a brief test or questionnaire about your child’s development. The tools used for developmental and behavioral screening are formal questionnaires or checklists based on research that ask questions about a child’s development, including language, movement, thinking, behavior, and emotions.

The earlier a child receives needed help, the better the outcome. Screening should be done throughout the early childhood years to make sure a child is developing as they should.

Developmental screening can be done by a doctor or nurse, but also by other professionals in healthcare, community, or school settings.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends developmental and behavioral screening for all children during regular well-child visits at 9 months, 18 months, and 30 months. In addition, AAP recommends that all children be screened specifically for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) during regular well-child visits at 18 months and 24 months.

Screening is a way of “sifting” through lots of children to find any that may need a little help to make sure they’re meeting their milestones on time. This sifting is important to find children who may need some extra help, as well as those who are typically developing and don’t need any help at this time.

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