Development Assessment

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It is the process of mapping a child’s performance compared with children of similar age. Development assessment requires a theory of how child develop the knowledge, skills, abilities or values you intend to measure.

Importance of Development Assessment – 

It helps identify possible developmental problems & the need for further diagnostic Evaluation and also provide an objective description of the child’s abilities & deficits (a functional assessment). It determines eligibility for programs (such as early intervention programs).

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Development Assessment is a tool used to assess Milestones

Below are some examples of milestones for infants & toddlers.


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If your child exhibits any of the symptoms listed above, please contact us to schedule a private consultation with our Paediatric Expert.


The Developmental Assessment is used by parents, doctors, early intervention providers, and researchers. Parents gain insights into their child’s development while doctors diagnose delays or disorders and create treatment plans. Early intervention providers use assessments to design appropriate interventions, and researchers study children’s development and influential factors.

The Developmental Assessment is commonly employed in early childhood to identify delays and provide early intervention for improved outcomes. School-age children may also undergo assessments to address academic or social-emotional difficulties. In certain cases, developmental assessments can be utilized in adulthood, particularly for individuals with neurological conditions affecting their development.

The Developmental Assessment is typically conducted by trained professionals, including psychologists, speech-language pathologists, or occupational therapists. The process involves interviewing parents or caregivers to understand the child’s development, observing the child’s interactions and play, and administering standardized tests to measure specific skills. The results of the assessment help determine typical development or identify delays and disorders, leading to the creation of tailored intervention plans.

A developmental assessment helps you understand and pinpoint what areas your child needs to improve on. This assessment shows you the things that they may need and the solutions that could help them as well.

The complexity of children’s development and learning—including the uneven nature of development and the likelihood of children fully demonstrating their knowledge and skills in different contexts—makes accurate and comprehensive assessment difficult.

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