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Our History

Astitva child development centre is one of the region’s most comprehensive holistic centre for children with special needs.
It is located centrally at SONIPAT inside Girdhar Hospital. Centre was set up by Girdhar Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. in 2022 under the guidance of Dr. Atul Girdhar, a paediatrician with a experience of more than 20 years. The centre provides children with range of scientifically planned and documented, therapeutic and development support, along with ancillary therapies and services. At the centre each evaluated child gets a STRENGTHS and CHALLENGES report and an INDIVIDUALIZED THERAPY/EDUCATION PROGRAM. Each child is re- evaluated regularly to measure development of skills as per the goals set and revised IT/EP, if needed. Every child’s parents, family and the school is counseled as a part of Holistic Program to maximize the impact for the child.

Our Goal

Globally, about 200 million children do not reach their development potential in the first five years because of poverty, poor health, nutrition and lack of early stimulation. Disabilities and disorders affect at least 10 percent of the development in children, many of whom can be helped through early therapeutic interventions. Our goal is to ensure that each child develops into a self-reliant, productive adult, who leads a life of dignity and respect.

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Our Community

We aim to be one stop solution for children and adolescents with ADHD, Intellectual Disabilities, Down Syndrome and Genetic Disorders, Speech and Language Disorders, Poor Performance in Academic Skills, Sensory Processing Disorders, Sleep Disorders etc. The clinic also provides services for Parenting Skills, Dietary and Nutritional Guidance, Adolescents Health and Mental Health Guidance and Counselling etc.

Health & Safety

Our first concern is the health and safety of your child. We’re honored to be acknowledged as a leader in child care center health and wellness, and our centers follow high requirements regarding safety and hygiene.
Our entire team focuses on the following:

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